• Rulers of the Plains

    I had watched the day before as these three cheetahs and their mother successfully hunted a little klipspringer. It all started with a similar scene of alert attentiveness as they scanned the plains for their next prey.

  • Twist and Turn

    I spent time at the Wild Coast on the eastern coast of South Africa photographing the Lesser Crested Turn as it took off in droves from a desolate beach near Umngazi. I purposefully slowed the shutter speed to capture the frantic motion of the birds in flight.

  • Portrait of a Queen

    I have seen many lions in my life but none compete with the closeness and intrigue of this encounter. I attempted to capture this shot with as much detail as possible to retain the life-like portrait of this queen.

  • The Vanishing

    I was so taken by this scene of a cheetah moving across the plains of Mashatu in Botswana that I did not realize the bokeh of another cheetah in the background. It creates an interesting allegory for the challenges facing this magnificent cat.

  • Daydream

    This young leopard cub was one of the most enjoyable photographic subjects I've encountered. A wonderful time spent snapping shots as it drifted in and out of sleep on a slow afternoon in the African bush.

  • Gone with the Wind

    It was a windy and cool morning on this game drive... which caused the grass in the foreground to blur with the motion of the wind. As lions continue to face alarming declines, I trust this title speaks more to the temporal nature of the grass than the big cat I captured here.

  • The King Fisher

    This juvenile Malachite Kingfisher is only 5 inches (13cm) and was darting around a wetland just south of Johannesburg. I managed to capture this shot as it came to rest briefly on a little stump in the middle of the water. It's beautiful metallic blue colors in full display!

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